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  • Access to over 400 common formulas in Math, Physics, Chemistry and Economics
  • Solve for any single variable
  • Practice exercises to test your nerd level
  • Learn through entertaining videos
  • Built in unit conversion
  • Easy to navigate user interface to nerd out in style


Experience Equate

Experience Equate

What does solving an equation in Equate look like? Check it out!

Our Vision


The Equate team is hard at work behind the scenes to improve the app.  Here are some of the features that we are working on adding in the future: Categorizing the formulas by level, more formulas, custom user formulas, calculus, quizzes, and much more.

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What educators say about us:

“Original, well-designed and educational. Highly recommended.”

“Equate Formula Solver makes finding and using formulas a lot less scary.”

“Equate Formula Solver is the perfect tool for students and teachers.”

What our users say:

Engineering Students Need This

The answers are at your fingertips with this app!! Stop wasting time figuring out solutions to problems with study groups and help centers.


Engineering Student

Very Useful For Engineers

It is awesome. Very useful for engineering students. I wish I could have this application when I was in high school and university.



Best app for learning!

I downloaded this app for my kids to help them with their homework. I wish I had this app when I was in school! Wow! Easy to use, quick and great navigation. Best equation app in the store



Best Formula Solver

Equate makes solving math problems fun and easy. A very useful tool when doing your homework or studying for exams. Great for math, physics, chemistry formulas and more. I would highly recommend this app!


High School Student

Useful app

I encouraged my daughter to download this after seeing a good review on it. She found it very useful.




Possibly the only app I can use to integrate into my studies and learn from my mistakes.


University Student

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We’ve made Equate free because we believe education should be accessible and affordable for everyone

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